Trends in the operating systems in use in the office today

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Trends in the operating systems in use in the office today

Postby ian » Thu Jan 09, 2014 9:06 am

For a decade or more Windows, or at least some version of Windows, was the operating system of general business. Yes the Mac was used in some fields and Linux may well be found as the basis all manner of dedicated systems, but the operating system used by the vast majority of office staff was some version of Windows.

This has changed. Lead by the drive to mobile devices like the phone and tablet, the use of Android is forging ahead. Linux is beginning to be found on general business desktops.

There is every chance that DataSlave users carrying out Data Import and equally Net-Cabinet users with their document management needs will be on a wider range of operating system. Baycastle will no longer launch software that is platform dependant.

All major releases of Baycastle products will be thin-client able to used on Linux, Android, Mac OS and Windows. Here at Baycastle we have decided that DataSlave 3 will be thin client. Data Import has never been simpler. Modern thin-client tools allied to some innovative design thinking has generated an ETL tool for the 21st century.

Contact us today to discuss your Data Import or Data Export projects. Talk to us about how our team can help you deliver outstanding data migration to your business and products.
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