Why move to a document management system?

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Why move to a document management system?

Postby ian » Thu Jan 09, 2014 9:22 am

“Windows has a filing system and our servers provide a shared space we can all get to.” “We have a folder for each project and organise our filing that way.” This is a common view stated by office workers, but this only tells part of the story.

Often staff will keep documents in their “My Documents” or even on their desktop.

Months later we all struggle to remember where we put that document and will certainly struggle to know where our colleagues put a document.

Some documents belong in tow folders as they may relate to a project and to a customer. Yes, you can put a link in the second location, but who ever does?

An Electronic Document management System (EDMS) is a file management system that allows documents to be tagged with keywords so that they can be found later. If a document belongs with to projects or more than one customer or supplier, no problem. Also documents are automatically tagged by when you last accessed them so you can find the documents you worked on yesterday. It is so simple to use and so natural. Give it a try.

Contact us if you wish to discuss any applications you have in mind and if we can help you understand the capabilities of the Net-Cabinet server. Contact us if you want to gain access to the code for the Net-Cabinet Client code.

Document management made easy. Download a copy of Net-Cabinet and gain control of Document management in your business.
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