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Remote access to documents

Postby ian » Thu Jan 09, 2014 9:44 am

How do you offer your users access to documents stored in Net-Cabinet when working remotely?

All communication between the Net-Cabinet client and the Net-Cabinet server is through a single port, 4409. Talk to the IT staff and arrange to have a rule added to the firewall to allow traffic on this single port through the machine running the Net-Cabinet server. This will then allow any user working with Net-Cabinet to have full access to all documents stored in Net-Cabinet.

Net-Cabinet is a simple, flexible Document Management product and is very easy to configure to meet your needs.

  • The simple to use, natural interface reduces the need for costly training. Users will find the use of Net-Cabinet intuitive, enjoyable and performance enhancing.
  • Dramatically speed up retrieval of existing documents, saving time and money. Avoid lost or missingfiles.
  • Avoid the risk that important documents are not saved to a safe location and as a result are never backed up to tape.
  • Manage access permissions to sensitive documents.
  • Stop creating duplicate copies of documents.
  • Net-Cabinet is simple to administer. You can set it up, configure it and roll out to your entire business in moments. Gain control of your documents.
Document management made easy. Download a copy of Net-Cabinet and gain control of document management in your business.
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