Releasing the code for the Net-Cabinet Client

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Releasing the code for the Net-Cabinet Client

Postby ian » Thu Jan 09, 2014 9:51 am

Why is Baycastle releasing the code for the Net-Cabinet Client?

We have a number of requests to make changes to Net-Cabinet to meet the needs of integration to third party systems. We are keen to help users gain the most from using Net-Cabinet so have decided to issue the code for the client. This will allow those users with the appropriate skills to add features to match their business processes and business applications.

It is out hope that some users will take this further using the Net-Cabinet server as a key element of their own systems. One example is there may be a need to add document storage and retrieval to an in-house CRM system. The existing CRM client can be modified to provide the user with document storage and retrieval features making calls to the Net-Cabinet server. Development of these Document Management (EDMS) features is made simple as the back-end server handles the process, accepting documents, responding to searches and serving the requested documents.

We also will welcome and support the release of new clients integrated to the Net-Cabinet server. It is our view that there will be many vertical markets requiring specific features that are not well understood by our team.

Contact us if you wish to discuss any applications you have in mind and if we can help you understand the capabilities of the Net-Cabinet server. Contact us if you want to gain access to the code for the Net-Cabinet Client code.

Document management made easy. Download a copy of Net-Cabinet and gain control of document management in your business.
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