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Frequently accessed documents

Postby ian » Thu Jan 09, 2014 9:57 am

How do you use Net-cabinet to get to to those documents you use every day or week? How to set those most frequently used documents to be very accessible?

Baycastle will be adding a most recently used feature or Favourites feature to a future release, but there is a simple way to provide your users with quick access to their favourite documents. Net-Cabinet is a simple, flexible Document Management product and is very easy to configure to meet your needs.

  • Logon as an administrator user
  • Click on the Tags icon on the left
  • Click on the Add Tag toolbar icon
  • Set the Data Type to Boolean. This is a checkbox
  • Give the Tag a suitable name, such as Pin
When adding a document tick the checkbox for this tag. Now to show all the favourite documents type Pin in the Search box.

Document management made easy. Download a copy of Net-Cabinet and gain control of document management in your business.
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