Why is DataSlave 3 delivering data import with a thin client

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Why is DataSlave 3 delivering data import with a thin client

Postby ian » Thu Jan 09, 2014 10:06 am

Like all technology companies we have watched the competition raging over the past decade or so between thick and thin client architecture. Go back 10 years and thick client applications had the advantage of a superior interface, a better user experience and a far more responsive feel. The only advantage for thin client applications was ease of installation. Today this advantage has long gone.

The simplicity of modern thin client applications built using Ajax, Java or perhaps Silverlight now offer user interfaces that match those for thick client applications. Even for an ETL tool where only a few are involved in Data Import or Data Export the simplicity of installation makes a thin client application the way to go.

Data Import for the 21st Century

Here at Baycastle we have decided that DataSlave 3 will be thin client. Data Import has never been simpler. Modern thin-client tools allied to some innovative design thinking has generated an ETL tool for the 21st century.

Contact us today to discuss your Data Import or Data Export projects. Talk to us about how our team can help you deliver outstanding data migration to your business and products.
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