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So what is a Null?

PostPosted: Wed Apr 23, 2014 1:39 pm
by ian
So what is a Null? How does it differ from empty string?

A Null is no data at all and should not be confused with an empty string. Null is a value, used to indicate no data, while an empty string is nothing. As an example a Date field can contain either a valid date or Null. 00/00/0000 is not a valid date and will be rejected while a Null may well be accepted. An Integer field might contain a Null or a Zero as well as a non-zero number. You need to check what is the correct value to import if there is no value. This will depend on the target system, but Null is often a good way to proceed.

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DataSlave will automatically cast data type if you set the output type to for example DateTime. You can also use cast functions. Be under control of the treatment of data as part of your Data Import plan.

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