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Postby drexnt12 » Mon Mar 19, 2007 5:46 pm

I have questions regarding DataSlave 1.2 Pro version. Is there a way that I can Read OLEDB Oracle data source and directly write it to another OLEDB Oracle datasource without getting \"Failed to execute Read OLE DB1: Object reference not set to an instance of an object\". Also, does Dataslave support the use of SQL Update Statements.

This is essentially what I am trying to do:
1. Read data from an Oracle db table and directly insert data in the new table using the INSERT...SELECT INTO statements.
2. Once I get the necessary data, I will need to update the 5 separately fields in the newly created table.
3. Can I perform the update statements all at once, or I have to break them down and do it individually?

Please let me know if you can help.

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Define a primary Key

Postby ian » Tue Mar 20, 2007 5:38 am

Support will email you to request some more information on the Read error.

However regarding the Update / Select issue please see below:

You should identify the primary reference column in the data read in. Place a transform between the Read and the Write and then edit the schema to identify the primary key. This data should then be written to a column in the second table, but not a column that is the primary key (the Oracle engine should be left to add this data to each row). If DataSlave has a primary key identified it can then use updates rather then inserts as it will be able to identify the rows.
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