SQL Command Timeout

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SQL Command Timeout

Postby blackice » Fri Mar 09, 2007 10:17 am


Even though the SQL object may not be publicly \"advertised\" as supporting stored procedures, I use it alot for that as it does work. However, I have some incredibly large and complex stored procedures (financial performance, average pricing, etc.) that, for legacy reasons, must remain in use. Some of the stored procs can take huge amounts of time to execute, and the largest database I am using has 90 million rows (yes DataSlave does handle it).

However, from time to time, I do get SQL timeout errors using the SQL import object. I wrote my own stored procedure object that handles this by using a SQL command timeout value of -1 (infinite). Now that value might not be ideal in all situations, however, the default one used in DataSlave I think should be opened up via a parameter of some sort that would allow each user to change this value. The default might work in one instance, we might need a longer one in another.

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Re: SQL Command Timeout

Postby ian » Thu Sep 09, 2010 4:07 pm

The latest releases now allow the SQL timeout to be set
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