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More Validate Capabilities

Postby flxkid » Tue Nov 29, 2005 6:49 pm

I want access to the string functions that the transform function can use, in a validate function. For instance, I have phone number field that I have to breakout into a child table only if it has data in it, but when the field has no data in it, the source has: \" - - \" (3 spaces, a hyphen, 3 spaces, a hyphen, then 4 spaces)

Right now I must use a transform to create a virtual table to fix the data then do a validate on it (so I can compare against an empty string) then more transforms. It would be much easier if the validate could have access to all those transform string functions so that I could do:

source phone----remove(remove spaces and hyphens)----compare(empty string)

I know I could also use a script (and that would work now), but it kind of kills the whole visualization aspect of DataSlave.
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