Transforming flat files into parent and child tables

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Transforming flat files into parent and child tables

Postby ian » Sat Oct 01, 2005 5:33 am

Unstructured data can be moved into two structured files or database tables. If you have data of the following format:

OrderID, Customer, Part1, Quantity1, Part2, Quantity2, Part3, Quantity3

Proceed as follows:

    Extract the OrderID and customer into a Order table:
    Extract Part1 and Quanity1 into a temporary file.
    Extract Part2 and Quanity2 into a second temporary file
    Extract Part3 and Quanity23 into a third temporary file
    Combine the temporary files into a single OrderDetail table

Baycastle can provide a sample that demonstrates this in more detail. Please contact
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