Writing the DataSlave Loader output to a file

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Writing the DataSlave Loader output to a file

Postby ian » Fri Oct 14, 2005 5:55 pm

The DataSlave Loader allows a map to be executed as a batch process. It can then be scheduled using the Windows Scheduled Tasks. You will need to purchase the DataSlave Loader (only $59.00).
A typical use would be:

    - Create a .bat file with the appropriate map and any file substitution required.
    - Add a redirection to save the output to a log file. This will take the form of >log.txt
    - When the map executes the details of the processing are written to the log file

Sample output:

Loading add-ins...
Loading map...
Performing substitutions...
Executing map...
18:39:15:312 > Executing Read Text File1...
18:39:15:343 > 245 records read.
18:39:15:343 > Successfully executed Read Text File1
18:39:15:343 > Executing Transform1...
18:39:15:359 > 245 rows Transformed: 234 Successful.
18:39:15:359 > Successfully executed Transform1
18:39:15:359 > Executing Write Text File1...
18:39:15:359 > 234 records written.
18:39:15:359 > Successfully executed Write Text File1
Successfully executed map

Full instructions are supplied with the Loader.
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