How can I make the output from DataSlave match a sample file

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How can I make the output from DataSlave match a sample file

Postby ian » Wed Nov 02, 2005 10:12 am

You may have an input data file and a sample file showing the data format you need. This topic describes how to quickly work with DataSlave to transform the input data to the same format as your sample. Follow the simple steps below:

First we will create a temporary access database in the format of your required output:

    - Open DataSlave and create a new map.
    - Use a Read Text File Object to read in your sample output data.
    - Add a Write MS Access Object to the map, and connect the output of the read to the Write MS Access object. Open the Write MS Access Object and create a new temporary access table. Create a new table to match the format of the data.
    - Execute the map.
Now we will read in the data you need to transform:

    - Modify the Read Text Object to point to your input data file.
    - Add Validate and Transform Objects between the Read Text File and Write MS Access.
    - Open the properties of the Transform Object.
    - Press the AutoMap button, check the Reset outputs box and press OK.
    - You can now start to map the input fields to the output fields. Add transform functions as required for example splitting or combining fields. Please refer to the on-line help for full details of how to do this.
    - Close the Transform Object properties
The clean data is now in the temporary access database. Now write the clean data to a file:

    - Add a Read MS Access Object below the above map elements. Select the this to the temporary database and table.
    - Add a Write File Object and set the properties to point to your chosen target and to be of the required format.
    - Connect the Output of the Read MS Access Object to the Write File Object.

You have now transformed the data to the new format. You can use the Validate Object to add data checks.
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