Oracle objects do not appear in the Input and Export toolbar

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Oracle objects do not appear in the Input and Export toolbar

Postby ian » Fri Sep 21, 2007 5:55 am

Chris, from London, uses the new (in version 2.1) Oracle Read and Write objects. DataSlave only shows these objects if it finds ODAC present on the machine. Chris did experience some difficulty getting DataSlave to recognise ODAC and kindly carried out some details investigation to understand the problem and find a fix.

Chris de-installed ODAC from the PC and re-installed it. During the re-install the ODAC software showed the following error:

“Javaw.exe - Entry point not found: The Procedure entry point GetProcessingImageFileNameW could not be located in the dynamic link library PSAPI.DLL”

After some research Chris identified 2 possible solutions for this error:

1. You should have Oracle.DataAccess, Oracle.VsDevTools, and Oracle.Management.Omo in the Windows/Assembly folder. You can have different versions of this depending on if you had the beta or 9i installed; make sure you have version of Oracle.DataAccess and Oracle.VsDevTools in the list.

If not then browse to: C:\\WINDOWS\\Assembly

In a different window browse to:

Click and drag the .dll to the Assembly folder.

2. Execute the following command from a command prompt:

gacutil /i <Oracle Home>\\\\bin\\2.x\\Oracle.DataAccess.dll

where <Oracle Home> is the Oracle Home directory where ODT 2005 is installed. For example, <Oracle Home> may be c:\\oracle\\product\\10.2.0\\client_1.

Chris reported that he had several gacutil.exe utilities on my PC but the one that worked was:

\"C:\\Program Files\\Microsoft Visual Studio 8\\SDK\\v2.0\\bin\\gacutil\"

Chris tried option 1 but it didn’t seem to do anything. There are a number of hits on Oracle’s Technet forums ( that say this works.

However option 2 did the trick (again from Oracle Technet).

Thank you again to Chris for his detailed investigation and comprehensive report.
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