Out of memory

Some tips for the use of DataSlave

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Out of memory

Postby ian » Thu Feb 07, 2008 6:44 am

If you are working with large files you should make use of the Trial and Batch facilities. To switch a function (object) into these modes select the object and then either use the right-click menu or the Functions menu.

If you work with very large files you may find that DataSlave uses an excessive amount of memory which will effect windows and may generate errors.

Their use is follows:

Trail Mode: Limits and object to only process 50 rows. This then allows the map to be configured and tested. Generally place the initial read into trial mode. Start in Trial mode and then use to Batch mode to execute all rows.

Batch Mode: Limits the map to execute in batches governed by the rows processed by the object you set into batch mode. The batch mode is invoked when you Execute All (double blue arrows). The Batch size is set for then map. The default is 5,000, but this can be changed from the Map, Properties menu.

As an object processes the rows when exiting the properties you should set to Trial mode before entering the properties wizard.
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