No columns showing for a SQL Write Object

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No columns showing for a SQL Write Object

Postby ian » Tue May 11, 2010 8:53 am

Users have commented that they see no columns when working on the properties of a MS SQL Write object. This may because the list of columns shown in the 2nd stage of the wizard are not the target, but the columns on the input to the object (source schema). If there is no data entering the Write Object the list will be empty. This is true of the other database Write objects.

The basic map will normally be a Read then a Validate, then a Transform and then a Write. Maps are best to include the Validate in case there is a need it to filter rows out. It will do nothing if you leave it unmodified.

Connect the Read output to the Validate input and then the Validate output to the Transform input.

Connect the Write object to the target before you connect the Transform output to its input. Leave as Prompt execute and don't execute at this time.

Then connect the Transform output to the Write input. Open the Transform properties and use the Auto-Map with Reset outputs checked. This gives you the quickest start to the mapping.

The Reset outputs checkbox of the Auto-Map feature will read the schema from an object connected to the Transform object if that object has schema. If it does not the Auto-Map will pass columns straight through, creating an output schema to match the input schema.
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