XPath substitution

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XPath substitution

Postby ian » Fri Oct 18, 2013 6:15 am

From version 2.26 onwards the DataSlave Loader offers an alternative method for substitution based on a dbc file being found with the same name as the map file.

The format of this is as follows:
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The part of the map is identified using the XPath and then the value give is substituted. You may find the following site helpful when designing the XPath. Just open the map file (dbm) using notepad and paste the full file into the XML panel. Then enter the XPath to identify part of the file you need to substitute.


The attached sample illustrates this substitution. You will need to adjust the command file to the location you have placed the map in.
Please note that the XPath style of substitution is only supported by the Loader and not by the Map Editor.
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