Returning more than 100 search results

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Returning more than 100 search results

Postby ian » Mon Oct 20, 2014 7:47 am

Net-Cabinet offers a facility to tag documents so as to help the user subsequently find documents. In addition the user can find documents for Today, Yesterday, This Week, Last Week and so on.

The results are then returned in a grid. Best use of Net-Cabinet is to use the Google-Style search to try and reduce the number of documents returned to a small number so it is easy to find the one the user wants. The speed of searching is outstanding, returning the matches very quickly.

The number of documents returned is limited to 100. The user can see the number of documents that match the search with a simple sentence displayed in green of the form of 1 to 25 out of 25. This may show that more than 100 matches have been found as in 1 to 100 of 135. If this is the case add further search terms to reduce the matches. You can for example insists a search term is present by using a plus. Please see the search crib sheet.

If you want to change the limit of 100 you can do this as follows:

  • Stop the Net-Cabinet service
  • Find the config file, NetCabinet.Server.exe.config on the machine running the Net-Cabinet server. This is found in the following location, depending on the version of Windows this is found in: C:\Program Files\Baycastle\Net-Cabinet or C:\Program Files (x86)\Baycastle\Net-Cabinet
  • Edit this file using notepad
  • Edit the line: <add key="MaximumReturnedDocuments" value="100"/> and change the value 100 to your preferred figure.
  • Restart the service
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