Pinning documents (Favorites)

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Pinning documents (Favorites)

Postby ian » Wed Nov 09, 2011 6:18 am

Net-Cabinet provides a quick way to access documents accessed today, yesterday, this week and so on. You can also use a Tag to give your users a way to pin documents. There are two approaches described below:

Add a Tag of Boolean type. When adding a document this is presented as a check box. To see all documents that are pinned just type pin into the search box.

The above approach shares pinned documents with all users. To have private pinned documents you can make the Tag of type string and users enter their name. Rather than typing Pin in the search box they should then type their name. This will not use if the Author Tag has the same name so perhaps use a prefix such as P.

We do plan to implement a favorites shortcut on the left in a future release.
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