Quick access to favourite documents

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Quick access to favourite documents

Postby ian » Mon Jul 01, 2013 7:49 am

How do you use Net-cabinet to get to to those documents you use every day or week? How to set those most frequently used documents to be very accessible?

Baycastle will be adding a most recently used feature or Favourites feature to a future release, but there is a simple way to provide your users with quick access to their favourite documents. Net-Cabinet is a simple, flexible Document Management product and is very easy to configure to meet your needs.

    Logon as an administrator user
    Click on the Tags icon on the left
    Click on the Add Tag toolbar icon
    Set the Data Type to Boolean. This is a checkbox

Give the Tag a suitable name, such as Pin

When adding a document tick the checkbox for this tag. Now to show all the favourite documents type Pin in the Search box.
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