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An Introduction to DataSlave

DataSlave™ is a multiple award winning Windows product designed to help you validate, de-duplicate and transform your data. Quickly migrate data in and out of your business applications.



Import and Export of data

Migrate data from one system to another


Import data

Import leads into your marketing system


Validate data

Validate and correct key data. Includes comprehensive data transformation tools.


De-duplicate data

Save money: remove duplicate data and avoid re-keying data


ETL saves time and money

Save time: work with first class tools, work efficiently


Free DataSlave Edition


Save costs: The Validate Edition is absolutely free. You could start a data quality review right now. Download the new version 2.2.6 now and start to improve your data quality. Evaluate free for 30 days and then register for the free Validate Edition. Run quality checks on unlimited rows of data.


The DataSlave Map
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Free, no obligation test run of DataSlave. Let our team show you how DataSlave can help solve your data problems. After your evaluation register for the free Validation Edition. Download a copy today. We really are keen to help.

Have a look at the guide to getting started with DataSlave.

Download a free white paper on how to automate the splitting of contact names into separate fields.

Please take a few moment to explore the further details using the links on the right or download the short brochure.

DataSlave has been tested for viruses by a number of independent sites. Some of the awards are shown on our virus report page....

DataSlave more...


What is a Null?

A Null and an empty string are not the same. We discuss when a Null is found in the data and how it is used.

Handling abbreviations in your data

We discuss how to handle abbreviations found in your source data. DataSlave offers a tool to abbreviate and indeed "de-abbreviate" data.





Duplicate Data/ Import Leads/ Data Validation