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DataSlave SDK - More

There are three versions of the SDK:


The standard SDK

This provides:.

Full documentation of DataSlave detailing the class libraries
Code samples including as embedded in a .NET app and Add-in Function
1 developer licence for the SDK
1 DataSlave Pro licence for a developer or demonstration machine
1 years subscription support including software updates and 3rd level support
The right to distribute the DataSlave runtime free of royalties
Code for the resource dll allowing you to badge the Map Editor
Access to special rates for consultancy and bespoke development services
Access at a charge to an ESCROW agreement
A special rate to buy the DataSlave Map editor for internal use of use of your customers

Please note that for any application shipped with DataSlave embedded is required to include a "Powered by Baycastle Software Ltd" statement and a link to our web site in the about box. If this is not ideal please look at SDK-OEM below.

SDK - Enterprise

As for the Standard SDK, but with 2 SDK licenses and 2 DataSlave Pro licenses


As for the Standard SDK, but with a site licence for the SDK, 2 DataSlave Pro licenses and no requirement to include the Powered by Baycastle Software Ltd statement nor the Web site link.

The source for the Map Editor Help File allowing you to modify to meet your needs and to re-badge if appropriate.


Please contact sales at Baycastle if you have any questions about your planned use of the SDK.

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