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Downloading and installing DataSlave

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DataSlave Loader

A full context-sensitive help is provided with the install as well as a tutorial and a multi-media demo.The evaluation copy of DataSlave is fully functional, but restricted to only export the first 50 rows of the data.



Import and Export of data

Step One

Install Microsoft .NET Framework 3.5 (and SP1). Download from Microsoft or add using Windows Updates.

If you think you may have the .NET Framework 3.5 installed (Windows 7 does) then skip this step. The DataSlave install will check for you.


Import and Export of data

Step Two

Download DataSlave by clicking on the box to the right.

If you are installing on a 64-bit edition of Windows and want to force to a 32-bit version to support 32-bit Office or Visual DataFlex, then use this download.



Download DataSlave Download DataSlave


Import and Export of data

Step Three

Install DataSlave by running the install and following the instructions. You may then want to take a look at or Getting Started page.

If you wish to install on Windows 8 please contact us at support.

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Download a free white paper, "Resolving Contact Names into their Constituent Parts".

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What is a Null?

A Null and an empty string are not the same. We discuss when a Null is found in the data and how it is used.

Handling abbreviations in your data

We discuss how to handle abbreviations found in your source data. DataSlave offers a tool to abbreviate and indeed "de-abbreviate" data.




Data Export / Data Import / Data Validation