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DataSlave features in a new ETL report by Bloor Research

Baycastle's outstanding product, DataSlave has featured favourably within a new ETL report written by Philip Howard of Bloor Research. Please contact Bloor for details of this comprehensive review of ETL tools on the market.

“We feel that the research accurately describes DataSlave as a Departmental ETL tool. We were very pleased with the top marks awarded DataSlave in the area of Implementation”, Ian Manning, CEO, Baycastle Software Ltd

WIJ Special Media select DataSlave for data migration

Data is the heart of WIJ’s business. Wij selected DataSlave for the new system providing data validation, transformation and export. Data cleaning was an immense task because of the need for user interaction and the wide number of data channels.

To ensure data quality, more than one million rows are being cleaned, transformed and migrated to modern database technology without user interaction. [More...]

“The data challenges facing WIJ are considerable. DataSlave has been selected to provide a dynamic, modern tool to manage our data validation and migration.”, Alex Planting, WIJ.

Initial feedback for the DataSlave user survey

Early results of Baycastle's user survey show a pattern of weekly and in about 50% of cases, daily use of DataSlave. DataSlave is now processing more than 10 - 20 million rows of our customers' data every day. Record sets of up to 5 million rows are regularly handled.

“We are very pleased that DataSlave is working so hard for our customers. We built the tool to process data and that would appear to be what it is doing and in volume”, Jane, Customer Services



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What is a Null?

A Null and an empty string are not the same. We discuss when a Null is found in the data and how it is used.

Handling abbreviations in your data

We discuss how to handle abbreviations found in your source data. DataSlave offers a tool to abbreviate and indeed "de-abbreviate" data.




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