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What is EDMS?

NetCabinet - EDMS for your business


An Electronic document management system (EDMS) is a computer system (or set of computer programs) used to track and store electronic documents.

The key feature is a tool to store a document and then a search tool to later find that document.

The key components are:

  A key EDMS Feature Tags stored with the document to help find it later

A key EDMS Feature

Storing the document in a safe location, recording where it is located

A key EDMS Feature

A fast Google-style search facility to find the document later

A key EDMS Feature

Control of the access to the documents according to user and group

A key EDMS Feature

Potentially alerting users when documents are added or updated
  A key EDMS Feature The opportunity to impose document naming and filing standards across the business

EDMS for your business

The key to the use an EDMS across your business or department is the consistent approach it will bring to naming and storing of documents. A well managed EDMS can save your business a great deal of time by ensuring your staff can find a document quickly and efficiently.

Net-Cabinet is a simple to use EDMS designed to be deployed quickly and inexpensively throughout your business. It offers the key facilities of a EDMS at a price your business can afford. Net-Cabinet offers outstanding value for money. A new dynamic offering in the EDMS market place.

EDMS for your business

Net-Cabinet more...


Remote access to documents.

You can have full access to documents stored in Net-Cabinet, even when out of the office. Performance is outstanding, as good as when in the office.

Document Security

Net-Cabinet offers a flexible approach to setting document access rights.




Electronic Document Management System / EDMS