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Privacy Statement

Baycastle Software respects your right to privacy.

Baycastle Software collects and analyses general usage information about visitors to our Web and FTP sites. This information is used to help us improve the quality of our service. Baycastle Software does not collect information about individual users.

When we ask for information through the use of an online form or through any other means such as telephone, fax or mail, we will keep your information private. We must collect this information in order to process and fulfil your order. We maintain the information you provide (other than credit card information) to evidence that you have purchased a product and are a registered user. Product upgrade pricing and some special offers are only available to registered users. Priority technical support is only available to registered users.

Baycastle Software does not sell or otherwise give away your private information to any third party. We may provide name and address information to subcontractors to assist us in providing you with:

- Upgrade notices

- Baycastle Software informational newsletters

- Notices of special offers

We require that the subcontractor agree that it will only use the information as specified by Baycastle Software. The subcontractor may not sell, give away or otherwise use the information. The information must be destroyed or returned to us when the subcontract is completed.

We collect credit card information in order to process your order. We do not maintain a database of personal credit card information.

Change of Customer Information

If your customer information changes, please help us keep your information up to date by notifying our sales department.

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