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Need help getting started with Net-Cabinet

We are keen to get new users or those of you evaluating Net-Cabinet to appreciate how Net-Cabinet can make storing and finding documents so simple. There are many ways you can start to explore this great tool.

Take a look at the User Guide for Net-Cabinet and in particular the Tutorial or getting started section

You may also want to download a printable User Guide.

Please also contact us to book a one on one demonstration and a discussion of the use of Net-Cabinet in your business.

Using DebugView

Net-Cabinet components and in particular the Net-Cabinet Server writes out debug messages that can be viewed using DebugView which you can download from Microsoft:

Once you have downloaded this utility to the machine running the Net-Cabinet server:



A key requirement NetCabinet can address

Run as an Administrator by right-clicking the icon and selecting this option from the menu.

A key requirement NetCabinet can address

Turn on the Capture of Global Win 32. Tick this option in the Capture menu
It is helpful to change the font to Arial, 8 point. See the Edit menu.

A key requirement NetCabinet can address

You will see messages output by the server as you start the Net-Cabinet service and as you carry our searches or adding documents.

A key requirement NetCabinet can address

.Report what you see to support.



What is a Null?

A Null and an empty string are not the same. We discuss when a Null is found in the data and how it is used.

Handling abbreviations in your data

We discuss how to handle abbreviations found in your source data. DataSlave offers a tool to abbreviate and indeed "de-abbreviate" data.




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