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Baycastle Software for Microsoft Windows:

DataSlave - Data Migration

DataSlave - including a free edition

Managing data import, data export, data validation and data transformation of your vital databases. Sort your data problems in minutes. "The most exciting product to appear in marketing communications for years."

Baycastle Expression

Net-Cabinet - free Express Edition

A powerful tool to allow you to gain control of document storage and retrieval throught your business..

Software designed for business by business people.

Baycastle Services:

Baycastle Development Services

Development services

Providing you with access to the team that built the DataSlave product. We can build input / export functionality for your application using our comprehensive library of software and our considerable experience and skills. Don't re-invent the wheel use one of ours.


What is a Null?

A Null and an empty string are not the same. We discuss when a Null is found in the data and how it is used.

Handling abbreviations in your data

We discuss how to handle abbreviations found in your source data. DataSlave offers a tool to abbreviate and indeed "de-abbreviate" data.




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